How do I request a demo?

Request your online iPPi training

How do I become a user?

It couldn’t be easier click on the link and we bring you up to speed with the rest.

What is iPPi?

iPPi is a digital platform which enables estate agents and valuers to analyse current and historical stock and prices of residential property in Ireland. iPPi collates complex independent datasets from multiple sources including the property price register and online listings to create an innovative platform that provides not only sold history listings but also property market reports showing current performance of the property market and identifies trends over time. iPPi’s independent index is game changing for property professionals.

How can I use iPPi?

iPPi is a subscription based service that is delivered through any browser. You can use iPPi:

You can also use iPPi:

How do I contact iPPi?

To arrange a demo, report an issue or tell us how we can improve iPPi, please email us at info@ippi.io or book on your online iPPi training

What reports are available in my Market Daily Snapshot?

What Longer term Market Trends Reports are available on iPPi?

If I spot some data that is missing or incorrect, what can I do?

We have a feature on all listing pages where, if an agent spots an error or omission, they can create a challenge. If you submit information that improves the quality of the property details we will award your points for submitting valid corrections and with these you will be entered into a draw each quarter and recognised for your contribution. We greatly value and reward individual agent contributions as this improves the quality of the data on the platform, from which all users can benefit.

Using an iPPi report to win an instruction from a prospective vendor Using ippi can give you the data in a structure so you can backup your professional view on the value of a property and to advise on the optimal price to bring the property to market. You can mitigate other agents over valuing the property to unfairly win the instruction. The iPPi platform will produce a professional report that you can print and/or email to the prospective vendor.

Using iPPi for purchasers iPPi can also be used to produce a report for all prospective buyers coming to view a property. An iPPi report will give the purchaser a list of all properties that sold in the area close to the property on view.

Sold History – how does this work?

We have taken all of the data from the Property Price Register and correlated it to all advertised residential property. The Property Price Registry lacks a lot of details that are essential to accurately valuing a residential property. We have resolved this issue by correlating all available data from our network and resources.

Market Report – how does this work?

iPPi is analysing all current listing stock and calculating in all areas the average price for 1-5+ beds.

Appraisal report – how does this work?

We have created a simple 4 step workflow to all the valuers or agent to easily find comparables and calculate the €/sqM for property selling in the area. We then format this to create a professional valuation document that can then be produced in a PDF, printed and emailed.

  1. Enter the property particulars – Enter property address, type, sqm, bedrooms and add photo or take a Google Street View picture
  2. Select the comparables – You can add zero criteria or you can set criteria of price, radius for search and time period. You can also add in properties from your lists if you have created a list. You can view the selected comparable on Google Maps and click in to the map to view
  3. Adjust the price and or range – iPPi calculates the mean price, average price per sqm of comparables and total price per sqm based on selected comparables. These figures are calculated purely as a guide to assist with your appraisal- they are not definitive valuations. Add your own valuation based on your professional judgement or choose a value range to definitively value the property
  4. Add notes to your appraisal and generate your formatted and branded appraisal document – Save your appraisal as pdf, Email, Print or Share your appraisal

Indexes calculations (rates and price changes) – how does this work?

We use different methods to calculate the variations of the data depending on this nature. Below we explain the main ones:

  1. Avg. Price Changes (For sale and For rent Avg. Price changes) – We calculate it by comparing the current period with the same period of the past year. For example, the last month price change,let’s say, January 2019, is going to be compared with January of 2018 and the variation is calculated. The reason for using this formula is to remove the seasonality of the average.
  2. Stocks(for rent and for sale) and days to sell – To calculate the variations of this information is used the comparison with the current period with the following past period. Let’s say the January of 2019 stock variation. It is compared with the December 2018 stock and the variation is presented. The same logic is used with the variation of Avg. days to sell variation and the avg. days to rent variation.
  3. Avg. Price charts – All the charts related with price (avg. price and avg. sqm price) we do clean outliers. The formula to clean it is to remove the top 1% percentile and the bottom 1% percentile data.

Does iPPi offer Support & Training?

Yes we offer in person training along with in house, conference calls, online webinars and we will be doing workshops quarterly. In most instances, training is free and you can attend as many times or alternatively book in for online demonstrations. 🐣

Will there be more data in the future?

We are always learning and trying to find more relevant and accurate data that will be able to add more value to the property industry, we are constantly looking how we can overlay more information to iPPi

An estimated value based on the cost per sqM or the mean of your selected comparables is not intended to be an official appraisal of your property value. We recommend using it as a starting point to determine a home’s value combined with other information on the site like the property’s attributes and particulars, comparable properties for sale and recently sold and other market statistics. We would however welcome any feedback you have so that we can continue to improve our estimates. Contact us at info@ippi.io or call us on +353 15252175

Still have questions? Don’t hesitate to ask us!

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