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How to build professional valuation reports with iPPi.

Want to learn how to build comprehensive formatted and branded valuations on every property in Ireland? 
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Let us show you how we can save you time, cut costs and improve accuracy when valuing property. 

Over the last two years we’ve developed a platform and left no stone unturned when it comes to properties, combining all available property market and geolocation data on:

  • property transactions
  • for sale prices
  • sold prices
  • rental prices

All in one easy to use platform for real estate agents, European registered valuers and institutional property professionals. 

We’ve now collated over 1.8M Property Records and invested for the industry’s sake. iPPi was developed because there was a fundamental lack of accessible, accurate data available in Ireland.

iPPi is your all in one property analytics platform.

Clients Using Our Tool:

Your new all-in-one property valuation tool.

The platform also provides essential tools for users to search and select comparable properties in order to create comprehensive formatted and branded valuations for properties in Ireland.

The database is live, which make it cleanest and most comprehensive dataset in Ireland and when combined with iPPi’s unique tools enables its users to create more accurate property valuations in minutes rather than hours or days. This improves productivity, reduces costs and increases sales.

Our expert valuers can tell you how you can captivate your customers right from the first conversations and offers a transparent relationship showing them how to convert.


Our founder Kenneth Kelly will run a series of webinars to present iPPi to new users. You can attend it for free by choosing one of the available dates below.


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