In today’s episode of iPPi Insider, ️ I introduce you to Ryan Conlan.

“I am now back in Ireland, just graduated from my bachelor’s degree in TU Dublin with a first-class honors and currently pursuing a master’s in Digital Marketing Strategy at Trinity College Dublin. Throughout this journey, I have learned how to adapt, seize opportunities, and be proactive. I have tried to implement principles along the way. These include getting out of my comfort zone, helping others, staying curious and adding value to every opportunity.”

Expected key learnings:

  • All things Personal Branding.
  • Marketing Strategies?
  • How you started YouTube and why?
  • Daily Routines and how you avoid procrastinating?
  • Biggest learnings in the digital marketing field and how to best market yourself?
  • And much more.

What is iPPi?

The Independent Property Price Index iPPi is an all in one property price, market data and valuations tool. We centralise all available property data to create the cleanest, most current and comprehensive property transaction database to Property Professionals across Ireland. Your all-in-one property valuation platform.

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